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Last Day in the Office Before the Move

May 29th, 2015 at 11:14 am

If you've read my other posts, you'll know that I move to Montana on Monday (currently in Minnesota.) I'm lucky to be able to keep my current job and work from my house out in Montana but I LOVE my co-workers. It's going to difficult not interacting with them everyday. I'll definitely miss them.

The company hosted a Happy Hour for me yesterday after work and today I've been getting little "I'll Miss You" cards and gifts throughout the day from different co-workers. I knew it was going to be hard to leave, but they are so amazing they are making it even harder! lol

One thing that is going to make it easier is whenever I come back in MN to visit family/friends, I can just go into the office and work in-house. This is such a bonus since I won't have to take PTO then. I'll be able to see them all again and catch up on life!

I'm so grateful for this opportunity the company has given me, but it really is starting to dawn on me how difficult it is to leave. You are at your job with co-workers more often with your own family it seems like, so you do end up becoming really close to them!

Almost Moving Time!

May 22nd, 2015 at 12:50 pm

Well, I have just over a week before I'm off to Montana! My house has tenants, the rental truck is booked, I've got the sedatives from the vet for my cats, and my PTO has been submitted. Not much left to do but move the boxes in the garage to the truck and drive the 1000 miles. Not looking forward to this part in the slightest. (Has anyone else moved long-distance with cats?! Thinking this will be interesting...)

This is my first time having to rent a moving truck. All the other moves I've done have been local so I've been able to get by with the help of friends and family and their vehicles. WOW are moving trucks expensive! It's a whopping $1290 for a 16' truck (and that's WITH a coupon code!)... we then tried to change the reservation to Saturday instead of Sunday and the company wanted $400 more. No spank you!

Once I get there, the moving still isn't done unfortunately. Half of the possessions are going into the house, the other half to a storage unit ($50/month.) The place we're living in at first is just month-to-month to give me time to find a more long-term place. I didn't want to choose something online without looking at anything so we're renting out a house my boyfriend's boss owns. It's only 670 square feet... hence not staying there long-term. With two adults, two households combining, and 2 cats and a pit-bull there is NO way that is enough room for us. It's too bad it's not bigger though because I love the location! Just 10 minutes from "downtown" and the mountains in the backyard! My dog is going to love it - that's for sure. LOTS of room for fetch.

Anyone else have long-distance moving experiences you want to share??